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HP LaserJet P2055dn


Jetdirect Configuration Page

--------- General Information ----------          ---------------- TCP/IP ----------------
Status:                   I/O Card Ready          IPv4:                            Enabled
                                                  IPv6:                            Enabled
Model Number:                     J8017E          Host Name:                     NPIA385AF
Hardware Address:           3CD92BA385AF          IPv4 Domain Name:          Not Specified
Firmware Version:         V.37.12.IR6508          IPv6 Domain Name:          Not Specified
Port Config:                  1000T FULL          Primary DNS Server:        Not Specified
Auto Negotiation:                     On          Secondary DNS Server:      Not Specified
Manufacturing ID:         ********01****          DNS(IPv6):                              
Build Date:          07/12/2010 22:28:22          Not Specified                           
---------- Security Settings -----------          WINS Server:               Not Specified
802.1X:                    Not Specified          Idle Timeout:                    270 sec
Firewall:                       Disabled                                                  
Admin Password:            Not Specified          ----------------- IPv4 -----------------
Secure Web:               HTTPS Optional          Status:                            Ready
Cert Expires:       2007-01-01 00:00 UTC                                                  
SNMP Versions:                       1;2                                                  
SNMP Set Cmty Name:        Not Specified          IP Address:    
SNMP Get Cmty Name:        Not Specified          Subnet Mask:     
Access List:               Not Specified          Default Gateway:
                                                  Config By:                        Manual
---------- Network Statistics ----------          BOOTP/DHCP Server:         Not Specified
Total Packets Received:        201577479          TFTP Server:               Not Specified
Unicast Packets Received:        9628161          Bonjour Service Name:                   
Bad Packets Received:                  0          HP LaserJet P2055dn [A385AF]            
Framing Errors Received:               0                                                  
Total Packets Transmitted:        100983          ----------------- IPv6 -----------------
Unsendable Packets:                    0          Status:                            Ready
Transmit Collisions:                   0                                                  
Transmit Late Collisions:              0                                                  
                                                  Not Configured                          
                                                  Not Configured                          
                                                  Not Configured